𝓐 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓻𝓪𝓯𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓻

Server IP: 'the-index.info'


List of rules for the SMPMS server.

General Rules:

Rule 1:


This one is a tricky one.
hacking anywhere else is a good way to get banned.

Visit the Discord Server for ban appeals

Rule 2:


Griefing is not tolerated,
EXCEPT during certain events.

Events Coming Soon...

Rule 3:

Offensive Chat / Builds

Offensive chat or builds aren't acceptable,
to keep the server somewhat family-friendly.

Results in a ban

Rule 4:


Unsolicited PvP in the survival world isn't tolerated,
results in a temporary ban.

Rule isn't in effect yet...

Rule 5:

Lag Machines / Redstone

This is probably the only anarchy rule.
No lag machines, redstone contraptions that constantly run,
or anything else that causes significant lag.

Rule 6:

Staff Impersonation

This rule is a given.
Impersonating staff is a bannable offense.
If you're after a prefix in the tab menu,
feel free to make suggestions here.

Rule 7:

Game Exploits

Using game exploits are frowned upon.
This isn't as heavily enforced as say, hacking, but
if you're caught exploiting the game, it'll result in
a warning, although if you're affecting the server, a
temporary ban.

Rule 8:

Continuation of Rule 3

Any offensive usernames or skins
results in a ban. You may change your
username or skin and appeal the ban.

Visit the Discord Server for ban appeals

Rule 9:

Staff Application

Apply for staff today!
I can't manage the server all by myself,
so I'm willing to take applications for staff.

Visit the Discord Server for more information

NOTE: Other unwritten rules are also in effect, use common sense.

SMP World Rules:

Rule 1:


Griefing, in the SMP world, is strictly
prohibited. Any amount of griefing will
result in an investigation, and most likely
a temporary ban.

Claim land using a golden shovel to protect against griefing!

Rule 2:


The SMP world is communist,
but with some modifications.
It follows most of the communist
manifesto, EXCEPT physical possesions
aren't shared. (Like items and blocks).

If you have any questions, @what_oh_mkay (jjepen) on Discord.

Rule 3:


Disputes between territory or items
are generally handled by [Helper]'s
or [Moderator]'s, but the owner may
intervene if necessary. All Descisions
made by staff are final.

If you're not happy with staff's judgement, contact jjepen (@what_oh_mkay) on Discord.

Coming Soon...


Extra spaces for when you find a loophole.

City World Rules:

Rule 1:

Plot Ownership

No griefing or building on anyone's plot,
unless they specifically allow you to.
All plots are aquired through the City Hall;
Do NOT accept ownership of a plot from someone
who is not verified to distribute plots.

For more info on plots visit Plots | Help

Rule 2:

Stick to the Theme

Builds that don't adhere to the
theme of the city will be removed.

Check out the City Info page for more details.

Rule 3:


If you don't want your plot(s)
anymore, don't just leave them,
notify staff and they will reset
the plot.

Plots that have been inactive for more than 60 days will be reset.

Coming Soon...


For when you find a loophole.

Check out the City Info page

Plots | Info

The info page has many more details on aquiring and building on your plot!